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Now you can maximize your inner woman, because you're worth it. Imagine feeling and looking 100% female.

Femininity Test
How feminine are you. Take the test to find out and discover how much of your woman has come out.

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Coming Out
Now you have the opportunity to be free, come out of the closet and share your real life with family and friends.

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Transsexual tips
Advice about how to walk, speak, posture,

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Sissy Training
Special feminizing Mp3 for men who wish to feel like a real woman and a sissy.

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Successful, effective and powerful program for full Feminization with or without hormones, using hypnosis, guaranteed and trusted.

A list of foods for Feminization to consume and those foods to avoid which may increase DHT.

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Trans. Dating men
Complete advanced program for transsexuals seeking a male partner or soul mate. Also for crossdressers

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Trans. Dating women
Special audio programs for transgenders / crossdressers seeking a female partner.


Famous Transgenders
A long list of transgenders who achieved fame with their talent and beauty.

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Feminine Voice
Advice for helping to speak with a higher tone of voice just like a natural feminine woman.

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Transgender Questions
List of questions and answers about the Feminization process


Feminization Advice

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you look very feminine and lady-like, you feel feminine inside and out, you have the correct clothes, you walk like a woman, smile, sit, talk, and do everything possible to try and get by unnoticed, and even though the strangers don't say anything you just know that you've been unmasked, and they seem to give a strange look, sometimes critical and sometimes even a grin.

The main reason why even the most gorgeous transgenders and crossdressers don't always pass, is because we give off micro-expressions. Your physical image such as our dress, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, or wig, and jewelry is only a small factor, because your subconscious (inner) mind has already decided what signal to express in front of other people.

There are secret subliminal messages that you give off with your eyes, pupils, eyebrows, forehead, posture, gestures and your micro-expressions which are out of your control, because they are automatic. The only way to change your subliminal body language is by changing the message in your subconscious mind, and once you've made this change, then it becomes automatic. You can start making this change today by downloading the trusted professional Mp3 program to convert your masculine expressions into a more feminine image.


I want to make sure that each person whether they are passive, dominant, logical, strong, weak, submissive, curious, suspicious, will have the chance to relax into a deep trance, so every track has more than one hypnotic induction technique. In fact there are over 20 different methods in each audio:

Hypnosis Reinduction, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Indirect Suggestions, Subliminal self hypnosis, Mental Misdirectioning, Multiple Sensorial Stimulation, Binaural Beats, Shamanic Rhythms, Self Hypnosis Anchoring, Mental Confusion for induction, Sound Effects, Guided Meditation, and sensory Overloading, Progressive journeys, Theta cycles, Isochronic Pulses, and Hypnotic music.

  • Amazon Shamanic Rain forest
  • Relaxing Tropical Island Beach
  • River of Serenity through a Spring Meadow
  • Lighthouse Spa for total relaxation
  • Beautiful Garden of Peace
  • Cosmic Space Voyage
  • Sahara Magic

Feminizing Messages

After practicing with the inductions soon you'll discover which is better for your personality, then you can add some of the effective Feminization messages. You'll be sending an order to your subconscious mind to put yourself into a female role, which is not a difficult task. Then you will concentrate on your new feminine walk which will be authentic and natural without going over the top. The greatest benefits from using my self-hypnosis programs will be with your automatic expressions and gestures. As we sit, walk, talk and move we give off hundreds of messages to the people around us, and since birth we've become detectives to these signals (without even knowing it) we just seem to know so many things about a person without even speaking a word. These subliminal gestures are the most important part of the Feminization process, and what make you become a true lady. Imagine reading a book on how to move like a lady, and then putting it into practice. You would fail miserably, because it's impossible to concentrate on more than three or four things at a time, so the moment you start talking, thinking, listening, drinking, or scratching, then your subconscious mind will take over the gestures and facial expressions.

You may after some hard work master the art of your hand movements, but what about your eyes, posture, legs, arms, and forehead. This is the reason I make your Feminization process automatic and natural, and that's why I have thousands of satisfied transgenders. I have also included in most of the programs some extra audios for learning how to change your tone of voice and to speak with a feminine pitch, how to become sociable and confident for dating men or women, boost your self esteem, self worth, self love, and pride.

Erasing the male past

Many transgenders can't seem to shed off some guilt or shame that springs up from the past, so the most effective solution is the "feminine past" recording, which has been designed to actually rearrange the memories of your male past and to replace those memories with a more feminine past.


free ebook feminization
Feminization Book + 10 CDs : 34.90€

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Hand movements, Lady Posture, Gestures, Facial

30 mins


Higher Voice, Natural Tone, Conversation, Pitch

35 mins


Transformation, Past memories, new memories

31 mins


Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins


Feminine walk

41 mins


Self esteem, Self-Love, Self-confidence

29 mins


Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins


Hormones, skin, breasts

35 mins


Sexual fantasy with Brad Pitt or other celebrity

32 mins


Beautiful Booty

23 mins



Complete Advanced Pack for Feminization

10 Albums Includes 

10 CD Pack 29€
cd cover voice
cd cover desires
cd box cover feminization:expressions
cd cover memories
cd cover feminine booty
cd cover seduce men

Full pack Duration: 4.5 hours

 Price 34.90€


free ebook feminization



  These celebrities met Paul C: Joy personally and were thankful for his help


Corinne Hollingworth
BBC director Eldorado
Feb 1993


Barbara Mori
Actress Malaga
July 2006

dulce pontes

Dulce Pontes
Fuengirola, Spain
July 2008


Diana Krall
Mijas, Spain
June 2008

kate moss

Kate Moss
Sept 2007

matt damon

Matt Damon
Sotogrande, Spain,
August 2007


Aaron Hadlow
Kite-surf, Tarifa
Sept 2006

president leonid

Leonid Kuchma
President of Ukraine, Marbella 1995


Marbella, Spain,
July 2008


Juan Baptista
Actor Malaga
June 2006

dani minogue

Dani Minogue
August 2005

paul anka

Paul Anka
Malaga, Spain
Abril 2008

Coming Out
Flexible Mp3
Forced Fem

free ebook feminization
Feminization Book + 10 CDs

cd cover feminization


 Price 34.90€





Dating men
Dating women