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I have plenty of help and advice to offer with my 30 years of experience selling self-hypnosis tapes, CDs and Mp3s, and if you wish to check out my other sites, you'll see that I have over 500 programs and 800 hours of recordings. I have dedicated the last 5 years to helping transsexuals, and crossdressers, gays and lesbians to overcome problems and to enhance their goals and desires.

After several interviews with different transgenders from all walks of life I discovered how most of the problems with feminization are actually psychological. You can have many operations to achieve a beautiful physical appearance but if you can't master the art of moving, talking, walking like a lady, then the result is simply half-hearted.

Don't be fooled by books and courses about how to act like a lady because 99% of our expressions, gestures, posture, walk, eye movements, and subliminal messages are automatic, (they are controlled by our subconscious mind) and cannot be forced. The first step is to enter a hypnotic trance, here we are able to tap into our subconscious mind and replace old ideas with new feminizing messages. My theory with self-hypnosis is that the trance inductions must be powerful, and that's not so easy because we are all different and we all respond differently. I have produced various types of hypnotic inductions to cater for each personality and to ensure that we all reach a medium or deep trance state which is perfect for opening the door to the subconscious mind to organize, replace, and change our old information about our gender and how we behave in private and in public, and to boost our self image, pride, confidence, self-esteem.


Paul C. Joy