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Dating Men

Crossdressers can now use Self-hypnosis for Seduction

This pack has been designed for transsexuals and crossdressers to attract or seduce men. Now not only can you enhance your flirting abilities using body language, but with this self-hypnosis pack you can also find your soul mate.

Your subconscious mind will help you to track, to read and decipher the subliminal messages coming from men, and help you to adjust your own expressions, and gestures, the correct way to stand and walk, the correct eye contact, conversation, and seduction. Although the "Hypnotic Feminization Pack" is very successful, and convert most people into authentic, feminine ladies, there is still a problem for crossdressers wishing to find a partner.

But now with this hypnosis program you'll boost your chances of finding, meeting and dating nice men, and even to find your special soul mate.

Many transexuals have a hard time finding a partner because they don't express the right subliminal messages, and give off a false message about themselves. This program will boost self esteem and confidence, giving more pride and self love. You will judge yourself with more value and worth. Then you'll learn numerous techniques for flirting and dating. You'll give off the right signals using your gestures and facial expressions, eye movements, and even the way to stand and walk.


free ebook included

free ebook feminization

Price 34.90€




Attract Men
Attract your Soul-Mate
Self Esteem
Flirting Confidence
Self Worth
Self Love


Trance Inductions:

1. Amazon Jungle
2. Tropical Beach
3. Rowboat in Spring
4. Cosmic journey
5. Lonely Lighthouse
6. Secret Garden

Duration : +3 hours

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