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Coming Out

Live your new Life Open and Free

This pack has been designed for transvestites and crossdressers who wish to reveal their secret to family and friends and feel proud and confident with your sexuality and image. This "Hypnotic Feminization Pack" is very successful, and converts most people into authentic, feminine ladies, and for crossdressers wishing to come out and forget any of those guilty feelings. To boost self esteem,with more self worth, confidence, and to feel proud of your identity, proud of your image, and to feel the freedom of walking, talking, and dating without having to hide anything, and having the self confidence to talk freely to anyone about your self and your life.

Self hypnosis will give you the instructions, the praxes and the courage to finally come out and live exactly how you've always wanted to live: free, proud, normal, equal, feminine, and above all to wear the clothes that fit your personality no matter what others may think or say.


Feminization Hypnosis

The guided meditation Feminization sessions for transsexuals have been compiled using highly advanced hypnotic tecnicas, producing amazing effects such as various trance stages, meditating states, and deep hypnosis. These deep trance effects are used for implanting messages to convert old male habits and gestures into automatic feminine expressions into the subconscious mind.

You've probably known for a very long time that you feel very comfortable in your female role, and that this is your destiny. The problem you may have now in your life is how to start the process of sharing your new role and to come out of the closet. Coming out should start with close friends and family, especially with your parents. This program will teach you the exact steps to take, and boost your confidence, pride, self esteem, and courage, ready to free those chains and become your true self.


free ebook included

free ebook feminization

Price 33.90€



Coming Out
Self Esteem
Self Worth
Attract Men
Attract your Soul-Mate
Self Esteem
Flirting Confidence
Self Worth
Self Love

Trance Inductions:

1. Amazon Jungle
2. Tropical Beach
3. Rowboat in Spring
4. Cosmic journey
5. Lonely Lighthouse
6. Secret Garden

Duration : +3 hours 


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