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Weekend Woman


This pack has been designed for transvestites and crossdressers who wish to feel like a lady for a short time, and then revert back to giving off a male image for the sake of family or work, and for those men who have not yet made the step of coming out, but wish to experience a deeper feminine attitude and to give off female gestures, expressions, attitude, and feel like a real woman. This self-hypnosis audio course also contains two special tracks for masculinization, which maybe necessary to reverse the effects of the Feminization when required.

Many men are either just not ready to reveal their secret, or are perfectly happy with their male role, while now and again wishing to become a feminine lady for the day or weekend. This program is ideal for crossdressing to walk, stand, talk, and feel like a woman, and then when the time comes, using reverse hypnosis, you're ready to listen to the masculinization program to revert back to your male role. Ideal for incloset TVs with a family.


1.Feminine Hands
2.Lady Posture
3.Feminization : Tone
4.Feminization : Voice
5.Feminization : Walk
6.Seduce Men :
7.Feminine Smell
9.Alpha Male

Trance Inductions:

1. Amazon Jungle
2. Tropical Beach
3. Rowboat in Spring
4. Cosmic journey
5. Lonely Lighthouse
6. Secret Garden

Duration : +3 hours

Price 32.50€


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