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Feminized & Famous

  • Kimberly Devine, actress
  • Meghan Chavalier, actress
  • Aaron H. Devor, trans academic
  • Jennifer Finney Boylan, transwoman, author, and educator
  • Jenny Hiloudaki, Greek model
  • Jin Xing, Chinese dancer
  • Adèle Anderson, cabaret singer, actress, member of Fascinating Aida
  • Alejandra Bogue, actress; most-known for being in the mexican comedy show Desde Gayola
  • Alexandra Billings, actress; singer; professor
  • Alexis Arquette, actor, musician, member of the Arquette family of actors
  • Allenina, actress
  • Ana Paula Botelho, actress
  • Andie DeRoux, transgender American artist
  • Angela Clayton, British trans woman, physicist and campaigner
  • April Ashley, model
  • Arcipello a British digital artist
  • Ben Barres, neurobiologist
  • Bibiana Fernández, Spanish actress, model, performer
  • Brianna Austinwriter, gender columnist and publisher of TG Life
  • Buck Angel, world's first FTM
  • Bulent Ersoy, Turkish singer
  • Calpernia Addams, actress, author, autobiographer, entrepreneur, activist, fiddle player
  • Caroline Cossey, also Tula, British model, author, and Bond girl
  • Jayne County, U.S. rock singer
  • Charles Busch, drag performer
  • Christine Burns, British trans campaigner and educator.
  • Clover Honey, drag
  • Colin Kennedy Donovan, /trans disability writer and anti-racist activist
  • Courtney Act, singer, gender illusionist, Australian Idol semi-finalist
  • Cristan Williams, founder of the CATS TG Homeless Shelter,
  • Dana Baitz, musician (pianist, producer, songwriter)
  • Dana International, Israeli pop singer
  • David Harrison, performer
  • Del LaGrace Volcano, transman, performer and photographer
  • Dreuxilla Divine, drag
  • Enza "Supermodel" Anderson, drag performer
  • Estelle Asmodelle, actress, author, dancer & Australia's First Legal
  • Georgina Beyer, New Zealand's (and the world's) first trans mayor (1995) and member of parliament (1999)
  • Ginger Coyote, San Francisco punk scenester and founder of Punk Globe magazine, singer for the White Trash
  • Harisu, model, singer and actress
  • Holly Woodlawn, U.S. drag, part of Andy Warhol's Factory "Walk on the Wild Side"
  • House of Diabolique, drag
  • J. S. G. Boggs, Florida-based money artist
  • Jackie Enx, drummer for the heavy metal band Rhino Bucket
  • Jacob Hale, transman, philosopher
  • Jacqualine Elizabeth Gaynor,female illusionist,trans activist,drag show promoter, promoter for Miss Gay Harisburg
  • Jamie Faye Fenton, computer game designer
  • Jamison Green, transman, writer & educator
  • Jason Cromwell, trans academic, cultural anthropologist
  • Joan Jett Blakk, drag performer
  • Julian Eltinge, drag performer
  • Karine Espineira, Communication manager, Activist, Director of the trans' association Sans Contrefaçon
  • Kate Bornstein, author, playwright, performance artist and gender theorist
  • Katherine Cummings librarian
  • Kelly Van Der Veer, Big Brother Holland contestant
  • Kim Coco Iwamoto, transgendered woman elected to the Hawaii Board of Education; the highest transgender
  • Lady Bunny, drag performer
  • Lauren Foster, Vogue model, events promoter
  • Lauren Harries, famous as child prodigy 'James Harries'
  • Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist and author
  • Loren Cameron, transman, photographer
  • Lynn Conway, computer scientist, electrical engineer and transgender advocate
  • Maddie Blaustein, New York-based VA and comic book writer
  • Mark Angelo Cummings, writer, educator, owner of Bodies under Construction.
  • Mary Ann Horton, (also Mark Horton), transgendered (bigendered) Internet pioneer
  • Mauro Cabral, transman, educator
  • Meryn Cadell, writer and singer-songwriter
  • Mianne Bagger, golfer, woman
  • Michelle Dumaresq, professional mountain bicyclist
  • Mike Hernandez, writer and activist
  • Miss Understood, drag performer and entrepreneur
  • Molly Cutpurse, English author
  • Monet Dupree, drag performer
  • Morty Diamond, transman filmmaker and performance artist
  • Nadia Almada, Big Brother UK 2004 winner,
  • Nina Arsenault, writer, columnist
  • Paisley Currah, trans man, educator, executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
  • Patrick Califia, a writer
  • Pieter Dirk Uys, drag performer
  • Pussy Tourette, drag performer and singer
  • Qwo-Li Driskill, writer, activist, and educator
  • Roberta Close, Brasilian model
  • Roberta Cowell First British
  • Sam Brodie, competitor in UK Big Brother 7
  • Sara Davis Buechner (née David Buechner), concert pianist
  • Sister Boom-Boom, drag queen
  • Stasha Goliaszewski, corporate activist, minister, TransPhillyRadio host and producer
  • Stephen Whittle, British trans man, lawyer, writer and educator
  • Sylvia Boots, actress
  • The Lady Chablis, drag queen
  • Tracy Dean, British campaigner for trans people's rights
  • Vaginal Davis, drag queen
  • Wendy Carlos, American composer and electronic musician
  • Adrya Stembridge, musician, motocross rider
  • Ali Saleem, Pakistani TV personality better known as Begum Nawazish Ali, drag artist
  • Amanda Lepore, icon and model
  • Andrea James, transwoman, entrepreneur, film producer, screenwriter, actress, and activist
  • Andreas Krieger, transman, athlete
  • Angela Morley, (née Wally Stott), composer and conductor
  • Angela Piland, model, musician, artist formerly known as Delia Death
  • Annah Moore, Musician, Artist, Author
  • Antonia San Juan, Spaniard actress.
  • Billy More, drag queen
  • Brini Maxwell, drag performer
  • Charles Pierce, drag performer
  • Christine Mancini, drag performer
  • Danny La Rue, drag performer
  • Dean Spade, transman, attorney, and founder Sylvia Rivera Law Project
  • Dee Palmer, (née David Palmer), musician
  • Dr. NapéWastéWiñ, Clinical therapist, museum lecturer, horse breeder/trainer, farrier, boat builder
  • Dr. Renee Richards, , professional tennis player
  • Erik Schinegger, 1966 women's world champion downhill skier for Austria
  • Ethan St. Pierre, man, transgender activist, hate crimes survivor, radio host transfm.org
  • Eva Robbins, Italian model and actress.
  • Fay Presto, magician
  • Genesis P-Orridge, androgynous musician, performer, artist
  • Grayson Perry, artist Winner of the 2003 Turner Prize
  • Hedda Lettuce, drag performer
  • Jan Morris, author, winner of English Golden Pen Award for a Distinguished Service
  • Jennifer Diane Reitz, computer programmer, cartoonist and gender rights advocate
  • Jennifer Jane Leitham, jazz bassist
  • Joan Roughgarden, professor of biology; evolution and ecology expert
  • Jolene Sugarbaker, drag queen
  • José Sarria, drag performer, first LGBT person to run for elective office in the USA,
  • Karen Taylor (aka Rodney Taylor), Australian drag queen
  • Kathy Padilla, , aka Kathleen Padilla, the first openly transgender official in Pennsylvania,
  • Kemal Shahin, UK celebrity, Big Brother contestant and former esctoday.com news editor
  • Kymberleigh Richards, former publisher of Cross-Talk magazine, public transportation
  • Larry Paciotti, porn movie director, transvestite
  • Lily Savage, drag performer
  • Lisa Lawrence, actress
  • Lypsinka (John Epperson), drag queen
  • Mado Lamotte, drag performer
  • Mara Keisling, , founder of the National Center for Transgender Equality
  • Mark Rees, activist
  • Martine Rothblatt, a transhumanist author.
  • Melissa Sklarz, the first openly transgender public official in New York State, Democratic county
  • Michelle Josef, Canadian musician
  • Mimi Marks, Chicago transgender entertainer
  • Miss Shangay Lily, drag performer
  • Nancy Nangeroni, trans activist, GenderTalk Radio founder/producer/host, writer, musician, engineer
  • Olivia Love, actress
  • Parinya Kiatbusaba, also known as Parinya Charoenphol Muay Thai (kickboxing), model and actress.
  • Pauline Pantsdown, Australian drag queen and musician
  • Rachel Pollack, author
  • Richard J. Novic, crossdresser (as Alice Novic), psychiatrist, author
  • Roberta Perkins (née Robert Perkins), anthropologist
  • Rocco Kayiatos, or Katastrophe, San Francisco FTM hip hop artist, activist, musician and performer
  • RuPaul, AKA RuPaul Andre Charles, American drag queen
  • Ruvic Rea Filipina, first politician in the Philippines
  • Sally Mursi, first legally accepted Egyptian MTF-
  • Sandy Stone, transgender activist and author
  • Scott Turner Schofield, writer, performer
  • Shannon Minter, man, attorney, legal director of National Center for Lesbian Rights
  • Shirley Q Liquor, drag queen
  • Siobhan Meow, member of Howard Stern's entourage, The Wack Pack
  • Stephen Thorne, transman, police officer
  • Susan Stryker, author and editor
  • Terre Thaemlitz, musician
  • Terri O'Connell, stock car racer, previously participated in NASCAR under the name J.T. Hayes
  • Tina Dee Taylor, transgendered actor, artist and writer in Hollywood
  • Vladimir Luxuria, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, first transgender member of Parliament
  • Roslyn Manley, advocate/activist, first openly out to hold elected office
  • Deirdre McCloskey, noted American Economist, argued The McCloskey critique
  • Eddie Izzard, comedian who cross-dresses and calls himself an "executive transvestite"
  • Kamikawa Aya, or Aya KAMIKAWA Tokyo municipal
  • Margaret Stumpp, co-manager of Quantitative Management department at Prudential Financial Inc.


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