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Q & A

Feminized Voice 

Essential Elements
  • Voice quality
  • Pacing
  • Resonance
  • Articulation
  • Pitch and tone
  • Loudness
  • Melodic intonation
  • Fluency
  • Phrasing


Pitch and phrasing

Men usually speak in a more monotonous tone, with an even pace, while women tend to talk faster and speak in quick phrases followed by a pause. If you vary the pace of your conversation you'll give your voice a more feminine sound, and also try to vary the pitch.

Feminine Tone

Just like a professional singer if you warm up your vocal chords first by humming a word and then gradually increase the pitch then the result will be more feminine. You can do this for each vowel.

Feminize the resonance of your speech

Resonance is the whole result of your vocal tone, and is probably the most important aspect for acheiving feminization. Even when the pitch is the same a person with a larger throat with have a deeper voice. To make your throat appear smaller you can practice contracting your throat muscles.


The cartilage of the larynx

Try speaking with a higher tone, but wiothout going to high, because a squeeky voice is not so pleasant. You can do this by controlling your glottis. The position of the glottis is important because it controls how much air will pass by, so when we shout the glottis lets more air pass through. If the glottis is closed, then more air is forced through and the voice will sound deep and masculine. So by speaking quieter but not a full whisper, we can easily higher the tone, and reduce the resonance


To create a more feminine voice try to start and finish the sentence slowly unlike men who prefer to emphasize the beginning and end of each phrase. You should try to find harmony between a voice that isn't too quiet and a completely full deep masculine voice. Try to avoid concentrating on the volume and practice more with your tone. Men ususally work with a variable tone while women tend to keep their range shorter.

You need to use a lot of lip movement, so avoid talking between your teeth, and emphasize each word, making your speech clear, precise and controlled.




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