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Femininity Test

How often do you talk about your success or achievements?





How good are you at remembering birthdays and dates?

Terrible, always forget

Ok, average



When you are confronted do you:

Lower your eyes

Become defensive

Become ignorant


When you talk to other women do they often:

Make excuses to walk away

Seem bored as if they are thinking about something else

Give off an impression of interest


What about your usual attitude, are you:

Proud about swearing (it means I'm honest and direct)


polite (please, and thank you)


On average how long does your smile last for?

It fades away quickly

About a minute

It lasts for a while


 How often do you tell jokes?





How often do you compliment others?





How interested are you in your dress sense?

I love it, my obsesison

I think it's necessary

People have to take me as I am


Are you punctual or arrive late?

Usually Late
Sometimes Late


 When trying to judge sincerity in a person do you:

Observe their facial expressions
Look them into their eyes
Check their sense of dress


If someone turns up at a party wearing the same clothes as you:

It would be funny, we'd shrug it off and become friends
I would feel terrible and hate her
It wouldn't bother me, just ignore it.


 What type of jewellry do you prefer?



At a wedding do you:

Get drunk then cry
Cry then get drunk
Don't cry


When you chat do you use hand gestures?

Not much
I usually keep my hands in my pockets


 What part of your body do you like best when looking in the mirror?

Breasts especially with lingerie
Legs and butt, smooth and moisturized


 When you tell a lie, you behave:

Nervous and try to look occupied
Try not to blink and keep my face still


If someone insults you, how to do feel?

Doesn't bother me


 When sitting with friends do you prefer:

Sitting right next, and touching
Sitting seperately without touchin
Sitting face to face


How do you feel about poverty in africa?

It breaks my heart
Too much corruption in their countries
It's their fault for having too many children



Score Results


0 - 20

You seem to be a very masculine person. You live in a man's world, and your ways to act and react are very masculine. You haven't learned how to break out of your male shell. You need to concentrate on your gestures, expressions, posture, and to find a new passion for feminity. Your mind and way to think is still too masculine, and you need to change those manly traits and replace them with female attitudes. self hypnosis can help to increase your femininity.


20 - 40

According to your score on the test you have progressed with your transformation, but not enough to be a true fully feminized person. Certain traits need to be addressed such as your communication, and desire. The Clinton programs will help you to overcome the old manly automatic thoughts and actions, and complete your transformation.


40- 70

Your test results show that you have a high level of feminity, and regardless of your physical looks, you give off a perfect female image. You have almost conquered the art of gestures and expressions, but this attitude should become more automatic. You have to plant these ideas deep into your subconscious mind, so that your feminity will flourish without even thinking about it, and to avoid slipping back. You could take advantage of the Clinton Program to enhance the feminization process to 99% including self esteem, seduction, higher tone of voice, automatic feminine gestures, lady walk, and posture.


70 - 100

You have a very high level of feminity and more than many women. You know how to act in public, and you embrace the desire of feminity. You take great care of your appearance and preperation which is important. You have stong feminine feelings and thoughts and your soul is flourishing with true feminity. When you are out with friends you seem to blend in well, as if you're one of the girls, you communicate well, and express yourself as a woman. Maybe you could enhance your transformation by transforming your gestures and making them automatic and natural using self hypnosis by Paul C. Joy to produce an organic female attitude wich replaces any masculine past, plants a new feminine past, and forces your subconscious mind to act and react with full 100% femininity, inlcuding your walk, posture, skin, hormones, subliminal gestures, communication, tone of voice, and dating. For extra feminization check here Clinton programs


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