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Of course you'll obviously consult your doctor first before starting any hormone therapy, but just as a quick guide the following information will give you some extra knowledge about the subject. In my opinion the following program is the best to date, taking into consideration the side effects (physical and emotional) and the feminization results.

The main goals of the process of feminization are:
  • breast development
  • fullness in the hips
  • softer smoother skin
  • less masculinity
  • less muscle mass
  • finer body hair
  • less beard
  • prevent male pattern baldness
  • better fat distribution

    The main method of feminization consists in raising your levels of estrogen to that of a typical woman.

    The second method is by reducing the levels of testosterone.

    Taking female hormones is not enough to reach full feminization and therefore we add anti-androgens to the program to boost the synergistic result. The goal is to reduce DHT (a strong androgen) as much as possible using drugs such as finasteride. the combination of Proscar and Aldactone (spironolactone) is very powerful and most men can reach full feminization in about two or three years.

    Typical dose regime:

    Estradiol sublingual tabs 3mg

    Estradiol gel twice daily

    Proscar 5m in the morning

    Spironolactone 100 - 200mg /day


    Estradiol can also be given using injections and patches.

    Estradiol tablet (Etrace, Estrofem). To be taken under the tongue in the morning and at night. Taking the tablets sublingually will give the same advantages as a patch, gel or injections

    Finasteride (Proscar). The 1mg finasteride tablets are branded as Propecia, but generics are usually available. The brand name Proscar contains 5mg finasteride.

    Spironolactone is well tolerated anti-adrogen, but can increase your levels of potassium and excess urine



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