I am so confident that (just like 99% of my clients) I know that you'll be truly happy and content with the results, and for this reason I'll give a full refund to anyone who is not satisfied.

But please follow the instructions to see the effects. About 10% of the population achieve fantastic results in just a few weeks while most of us need some months. You should listen to the programs daily for some time because feminization is a slow process. Hormone therapy takes about three years.

You may think I'm foolish to give such full refunds, but so far only two clients have asked for their guarantee, and this is because each program has 30 years of experience and dedication behind it. I want you to trust me just like I trust the majority of my clients. Hypnosis is a powerful science and will help you to achieve your goals, dreams, and ambitions. You will succeed and progress.

warm regards, Paul C. Joy