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Male to Female Conversion

very feminineRecreate your sexual system and transform your body and mind. Your subconscious mind will be checking and copying other ladies, from the television, street, and wherever you see them. You will automatically copy gestures, mannerisms, posture, walk, voice, smile, waves, and every detail of other women.


jillAre you looking for a more natural way to become fully feminine? Clinton Hypnosis is the process that fulfills the mental, physical and emotional processes on your quest for complete transformation.



walkThe Mp3 sessions will enable you to feel and look more like a woman, and will also help you to feel more confident with your new self, as a woman. Looking like a woman means that society must accept you as a lady. 99% of people will judge someone by their looks, and so physical appearance, gestures, posture, walk, is the way to improve our image.


lady imageFull Feminization for the male to female transgender. The image of your desire will embedded and forced deep into your subconscious mind. All the mental, physical and social blocks will drain away out of your body and mind and leaving you completely natural, vital and energetic.




lose your male gesturesUsing the hypnotic audios, by day and by night you will be more and more ladylike. Gradually losing those male gestures, it is a progressive process. You will feel more and more lady-like every day. The sensual romantic flower is flourishing and very soon bursting out of you.



natural girl powerNatural power inside you will be activated, the flow of hormones into your system. Your body will be forced to convert testosterone into estrogen causing noticeable changes  Hypnotherapy will help you to change into the woman of your dreams.



free ebook feminization
Feminization Book + 10 CDs : 34.90€

cd cover feminization



Hand movements, Lady Posture, Gestures, Facial

30 mins


Higher Voice, Natural Tone, Conversation, Pitch

35 mins


Transformation, Past memories, new memories

31 mins


Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins


Feminine walk

41 mins


Self esteem, Self-Love, Self-confidence

29 mins


Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins


Hormones, skin, breasts

35 mins


Sexual fantasy with Brad Pitt or other celebrity

32 mins


Beautiful Booty

23 mins


Duration: 4.5 hours

 Price 34.90€



mp3 programs
Mp3 Pack

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