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Feminization Questions

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Almost all of us. ....about 10% of us can go into a very deep trance, while 85% can achieve a medium trance which deepens with practise. the programs include five different trance inductions to make a wide variety of trance deepeners and hypnotic tricks to help yout to first relax and then gradually relax even more deeper into trance until you achieve the perfect state for recieving your new important messages that will replace the old unwanted male thoughts.

Is this feminization pack successful?

Very effective! One client found the audio too powerful and asked for "Masculinization Therapy" because he was leading a double life, and wanted his lady side to be kept secret from his family. Because of popular demand I have some new audio downloads for part time crossing, for those who wish to find a soul mate or even for same-sex partners, and for those who cross on a part time basis and wish to revert back to their manly image for the sake of their family, friends or workmates.

Can I achieve bigger breasts?

It is a slow process. We implant messages in the subconscious mind to produce more estrogen, and more breast cells, send more blood to the breasts, and increase fat cells in this area to produce a more natural change.

Can I higher my tone of voice?

With hypnosis you can change your voice in many ways to make it sound higher The mp3s contains various exercises and methods to higher the tone. It's easy to talk with a higher tone, the difficulty is maintaining that pitch, which can be achieved by placing new messages into the subconscious mind making the procedure automatic.

Can everyone be hypnotized or just some?

Almost all of us can achieve a normal state of trance, while only about 10% of the population can go into a very deep trance. As much as 90% can achieve a medium trance, which is adequate for planting new messages into the subconscious mind. This medium trance often deepens with practise and is perfect for gender reassignment for transsexualism.


What are the trance inductions?

Choose between the four hypnotic voyages (tropical beach, jungle, secret garden, spring meadow) and each induction uses various hypnotic techniques which are used to achieve very deep relaxation. Here are some of the powerful tecniques contained in the audios to be used in conjuction with affirmations.

  • Mental Misdirectioning
  • Indirect Suggestions (perhaps, why not, maybe)
  • Multiple Sensorial Stimulation
  • Subliminal hypnosis
  • Overloading (lots of stimulation and sounds)
  • Ericksonian
  • Anchoring (to get back into a trance the next time)
  • Reinduction (going in and out of trance to make it deeper)
  • Mental confusion

    And many more methods to help you to achieve male to female transition, whether pre reassignment surgery or post operation.

    Can I start before the transformation male to female surgery?

    Yes, this is the best option, the sooner the better. Before a transformation operation it is very wise to undergo hormone treatment and feminization hypnosis for at least 12 months. This is the usual procedure that doctors recommend, as to adjust and normalize your customs and habits, as they become the norm.

    What are male to female hormones?

    The typical male characteristics are deep voice, more muscle, more hair growth on chest and beard, bigger voice box, and these are produced with higher levels of testosterone. There are certain drugs which can reduced testosterone levels, and are often used for men with prostate cancer, and to stop male pattern baldness. Estrogens are hormones which make our skin and hair more smooth, and silky and make our breasts bigger. Estrogens change our distribution of fat in the body to give us more fat around our thighs, buttocks, and triceps, and less fat on the upper back.



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