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Feminization Tips

ts kandy feminizedFeminization can be achieved using various mental techniques of which feminization-hypnosis has several advantages. Hypnosis is more permanent and less likely to have any rebound effect. It is automatic making it easier to use. The outside world is the single greatest influence on the conscious thoughts of a person. This can be seen when others have a bad image of you, and as a result you are insulted and taunted by them. This often causes an inferiority complex, that could spiral and could find yourself feeling worse about yourself, leading to a less positive outside image.


Self esteem is a very important part of a feminizing process because self worth and self image is also part of your new lady appearance. Self confidence is also a large step to achieving full feminization.

Hypnotic suggestions can program your inner mind to become totally ladylike. This is the great full advantage of hypnotherapy. Get your mind to control and shape your new messages, and the body will soon start behaving like a lady. With the audio pack using it's possible to make fast progress and see noticeable results, while appreciating comments about your new look from your friends. Hypnotic suggestions can influence the mind and will also result in a change in physical appearance, allowing you to become the lady you always wanted to be.  

The image of my desire was embedded , and forced deep into my mind forcing the old male habits to become blurred until extinction. New messages left me with a new gender identity. All the mental, physical and social blocks drained away out of my mind and body leaving me completely natural, energetic and vital. Using the hypnosis mp3, daily, I became more and more like a woman. I used the audios after surgery, to lose all my old unwanted male gestures, and each day seeing greater fuller benefits, and progress until I became satisfied with my sexuality. I continue to feel more and more beautiful every day, a full total lady is flourishing and bursting out of me.

The Clinton Approach

desire to be a woman

The root of most of my transforming problems came from within my mind. So the science of hypnosis trained my subconscious mind to accept my new image. I needed more elegance, feminine, natural, flowing to become a true woman, but all in an automatic way, without even thinking about it. It is definately possible to change from male to female and also achieve an attractive beauty.


Having always a natural beauty since teen age. I needed to increase the softness of my skin, and change the distribution of my fat deposits to become a real woman. I listened to the audios often, and I did experience the flow of natural feminizing sexual hormones into my body. It was like a recreation of my sexual system, transforming my body and mind. The Clinton Method was working.

guided meditation trance sessions

These amazing guided meditation hypnotic trance sessions have been compiled using advanced hypnotic tecniques, and are used for implanting useful messages into the subconcious mind, to replace the old thoughts and ideas with new feminine expressions, feelings, and thoughts.

Transgender Image and Appearance

Full feminization can be achieved using hypnosis, a process that fills the mental, physical and emotional processes needed for a complete lady image. You have to try and find the perfect tone for your voice, the true pitch, and you will hear your inner voice, that is feminine inside out without being too forced (unlike some unfortunate male to female transgenders) After listening to the audios you will concentrate on speaking with a higher tone of voice.

The sessions help you to feel and look like a woman, and will also help you to feel more confident with your new self-image and confidence. Fem Hypnosis will help you to change into the woman or girl of your dreams, whether you are a transgender, crossdresser, transexual, or for anyone wishing to change perfectionize their transsexuality. Our physical appearance is very important in today's society. Looking like a woman means that people must accept you as a full true female. 99% of people will judge you by your looks, so we can improve our image by concentrating on physical appearance, walk, smile, gestures, posture, and many other mannerisms.

The music and sound effects such as the wind, birds, ocean waves have been blended with binaural beats or brain waves. The Hypnotic Induction techniques have been produced using a progresive journey script, tones, nature sound effects, and hypnotic music.


Feminization Book + 10 CDs : 29.90€

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Hand movements, Lady Posture, Gestures, Facial

30 mins


Higher Voice, Natural Tone, Conversation, Pitch

35 mins


Transformation, Past memories, new memories

31 mins


Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins


Feminine walk

41 mins


Self esteem, Self-Love, Self-confidence

29 mins


Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins


Hormones, skin, breasts

35 mins


Sexual fantasy with Brad Pitt or other celebrity

32 mins


Beautiful Booty

23 mins


Duration: 4.5 hours

 Price 29.90€