Sissifizing Mp3s

After listening to this audio recording you'll soon change into a feminine lady, because this is what you want, this is what you enjoy, and each time you listen to this self hypnosis audio by Paul Clinton you'll become a very feminized girl.

You'll be enveloped into a web of lady panties, garters, lipstick, stockings and high heels. Picture yourself right now crawling around the floor with your stockings and high heels. It will feel brilliant. You'll be addicted to wearing feminine items such as panties, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, corsets, bras, degraded and transformed.

You will find the perfect tone for your voice, the true pitch, and you will hear your inner voice that is feminine inside out. Soon you will concentrate on talking with a feminine tone of voice, vital and natural. You'll learn how to shine out of your feminine side.

You will feel more and more feminine every day. The lady is flourishing and very soon bursting out of you. Natural power inside you will be activated. The full Mp3 session will enable you to feel and look more like a woman, and will also help you to feel more confident with your new self, as a woman. The Paul Clinton hypnosis program will help you to change into the woman of your dreams. Your physical appearance is very important in society.

Now you have a burning urge to be more feminine and become the woman of your dreams. Full audio pack for the male: Using the hypnotic mp3s, by day and by night you will be more and more feminized, losing those male gestures, to convert into a feminine woman.

Excellent Hypnosis program for sissification. Feminize your mind and body. Bring out your inner girl, and experience every female gesture, wink of an eye, facial expressions, body movements, tone of voice, choice of clothes, your special way to walk, stand and crawl, all deeply implanted into your subconscious mind using powerful self-hypnosis.

Full Complete Program including 10 trance inductions to ensure a deeper hypnotic trance, to greatly enhance the sissification effects of this program. A very popular and effective pack which includes most aspects of feminization and training games.


  Price 35€




Feminine Desires
Forget Male past
Create new past
Feminine Hands
Female Voice
Feminine Pitch
Female Conversation
Feminizing Hormones
Woman's Walk
Female Posture
Self Worth
Attract Men
Attract your Soul-Mate
Self Esteem
Flirting Confidence
Self Worth
Self Love



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